On 28 June 1969, police raided a bar in New York City. The Stonewall Inn was popular with the gay community in the city. At the time, gay people were not allowed to kiss, hold hands or even dance together in public – it was illegal.

There had been many raids at the Stonewall before, but this time, the regulars fought back. They were sick of discrimination. They no longer wanted to be persecuted because of who they were. For five days, there were riots in the area.

Exactly one year later, hundreds gathered outside the Stonewall Inn and walked together into the centre of the city. As they marched, they chanted: “Say it loud, gay is proud.”

Today, June is recognised as Pride Month. Every summer, millions of people join marches taking place in more than 150 cities across the globe.

Sadly, many of last year’s Pride events were cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions, making this month more important than ever. Pride is not just a celebration. Many people around the world are still treated cruelly for who they love and who they are. Pride month is an important time to stand with others.

How will you be celebrating this month?

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This short video celebrates Pride month by asking individuals what they love about themselves. What are you proud of?


  1. Without looking at a dictionary, write your own definition of the following words: pride, love, equality.
  2. Make a banner or poster that you could take with you to a Pride parade.