What will you be doing this summer? Perhaps you already have a holiday planned with your family, or a pile of books you are hoping to read.

If you are still not sure, perhaps you should consider volunteering! Studies have found that giving to others helps us to be happy too. Luckily, volunteering asks you to give the one thing you are about to have plenty of: your time!

Here are some ideas about how you could volunteer in your local area:

1. Pick up litter. You can tidy up local parks by throwing away litter. Make sure you wear gloves, and bring an adult with you to supervise.

2. Donate to a food bank. Collect food from your friends and neighbours, or ask a local shop if they have anything they can spare. Then ask an adult to help you drop it off at a local food bank. Just remember to ask for food that will not go off too quickly!

3. Visit, telephone, or write to a person in need. Do you know someone who is not feeling well? Cheer them up by telephoning them or drawing them a picture. Some charities link young people with the elderly, so that you can play games, read together, or listen to their life story. Ask an adult to help you find out what you can do in your area.

What do you think? Will you be doing any volunteering this summer?

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In this clip from Channel 4’s TV show Old People’s Home for 4-Year-Olds, the old and young come together – with amazing benefits for both!


  1. As a class, list some more possible benefits of volunteering.
  2. Produce a leaflet or poster about the benefits of volunteering for young people.