“The environment is everything that isn’t me,” Albert Einstein once said. The air, the sea, the wildlife, the forests, fields, and cities – everything must share the same planet.

This Friday, 5 June is World Environment Day. It is a yearly event which asks everyone to do something to protect that planet.

There is plenty to do! Wildlife numbers have more than halved since 1970. The Amazon rainforest, often called the Earth’s “lungs” due to the amount of oxygen it produces, is disappearing. Up to nine million tonnes of plastic have poured into the oceans. Everywhere we look, there are warnings about climate change, extinction, and pollution.

Luckily, there are simple things that everyone can do to help. For example:

1. Consume less. This means reducing your plastic use, reusing. and mending things. or buying them second-hand.

2. Conserve more. Save electricity by switching off lights when you do not need them. Save water by turning off taps.

3. Make your voice heard. If you care about the environment, tell other people about it and pass on tips about how to look after it. You could even write to your MP to let them know how you feel!

Do you have any more tips?

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Why is the environment important? In this video, TV presenter and naturalist Chris Packham explains why he thinks wildlife matters.


  1. Make a poster for World Environment Day which gives advice to your fellow students on how to protect the environment.
  2. Write a letter to your MP (that’s the person who represents your local area in Parliament) about the environment. If you like, focus on a particular issue you care about.