Merry Christmas! It’s time to throw on a reindeer jumper, hang up a stocking and eat a mince pie or twenty.

Of course, Christmas is not just about food and presents. It is a Christian holiday which celebrates the birth of Jesus, over 2,000 years ago.

The baby was born to Mary and Joseph, who travelled to Bethlehem on a donkey. There was no room for them at the inn, so they stayed with the animals in a stable. There, baby Jesus was born and placed in a manger. Hundreds of angels appeared to nearby shepherds, and declared that the baby was the Saviour and the son of God. Meanwhile, the star of Bethlehem led three wise men, or kings, to Jesus’s home, where they gave him gifts.

Today, most Christians celebrate Christmas by giving gifts to friends and family. Some also volunteer or donate money to charity.

Christmas is a time full of traditions. Some of these are religious, such as attending midnight Mass at church. Others are cultural, like decorating Christmas trees. Then there are personal traditions which are different for every family — like using a certain pudding recipe or handmade decorations.

What are your favourite Christmas traditions?

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The Day has an assembly on an old letter to Santa that was written by a Victorian child. How important are presents at Christmastime? Download the slides here and the notes here.


  1. Make a Christmas card. If you are not sure what to include, try drawing a Christmas tree, or a scene from the Nativity story.
  2. As a class, decorate your classroom for Christmas, Hanukkah, and any other religious holidays that are being celebrated this winter.