Women’s World Cup kicks off in France

The lionesses: England’s women’s football team will play Scotland on Sunday.

Is women’s football even better than men’s? The FIFA Women’s World Cup is about to start in France. The United States, Germany and England are the three favourite nations to win.

What’s happening

Tonight, the French football team will face South Korea, in Paris. Thousands of fans will flock to the stadium to watch.

The FIFA Women’s World Cup is here and it is going to be the biggest ever.

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Four years ago, around 750 million people watched the world’s top female footballers compete for the trophy.

This year, millions more are expected to tune in.

“There’s an excitement around this World Cup that I’ve never felt before,” says Kelly Simmons of the Football Association.

The USA are the reigning champions. However, women’s football is improving around the world. Any country could win.

Will the Women’s World Cup be even better than the men’s?

Some say…

No. Female footballers players are not as famous. Their teams do not get as much money. It will be less exciting to watch.

Others think…

It does not take fame or money to make someone a good player. The women’s game has more action and variety. It is better!

You Decide

  1. Which team should win the Women’s World Cup?


  1. As a class, take it in turns to list what it takes to be a good footballer. Then, discuss: Are girls better at these things than boys?

Some People Say...

“Tomboys get medals. Tomboys win championships. Tomboys can fly. Oh, and tomboys aren’t boys.”

Julie Foudy, US footballer

What do you think?

Word Watch

To gather around something as a group.
French for International Federation of Association Football, the global organisation which runs football.
Try to win.
Football Association
The organisation in charge of football in England. Often called the FA.
Currently holding the title.
Getting better.
Lots of difference.


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