Woman breaks record with solo Atlantic trip

Odyssey: The trip across the Atlantic is 3,000 miles long and takes three months. © Atlantic Campaigns

Did it do any good? A 21-year-old swimming teacher has just become the youngest woman to row across the Atlantic by herself. She is one of just 18 female rowers to complete the challenge.

What’s happening

The sun was shining when Jasmine saw dry land ahead. After 70 days alone at sea, she had finally made it.

She rowed towards the finish line and stopped. As she got out of her boat, somebody handed her a banner that said, “New world record”.

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The Atlantic Challenge is a race across the Atlantic Ocean in rowing boats. A 21-year-old swimming teacher has just become the youngest solo woman to complete it.

Jasmine Harrison started her journey in the Canary Islands in December. Her destination was the Caribbean, 3,000 miles away.

The journey took three months. Jasmine’s boat had solar panels and a cabin to sleep and eat in.

Even though she was alone, she didn’t get lonely. She rang her mum every day with a special phone.

It was not always easy. Early in the trip, Jasmine dropped her music speakers in the sea. And one night, she nearly crashed into a huge ship.

Only 18 solo women have made it across the Atlantic. Jasmine is the youngest one to do it.

But did her trip do any good?

Some say…

Not really. Jasmine may have had a huge personal success, but her trip did not affect anyone else. Lots of people have rowed across the Atlantic. Many more will. The Atlantic challenge is all about testing somebody’s personal endurance and strength. This is a personal success for Jasmine. That is how we should celebrate it.

Others think…

Of course! Jasmine has proved that a 21-year-old can complete one of the hardest challenges in sport. She has shown that we can do anything we want if we try hard enough. Her success might inspire more people to challenge themselves. That does not mean we all have to row across an ocean. It could be taking up a sport or writing a book.

You Decide

  1. What is the greatest challenge you have ever completed?


  1. Imagine you are taking part in the Atlantic Challenge. Write a diary entry for day 50. You have just 20 days left. How do you feel? Do you want to give up? What inspires you to carry on?

Some People Say...

“Because it’s there.”

Adventurer George Mallory, explaining why he wanted to climb Mount Everest

What do you think?

Word Watch

Atlantic Ocean
The second-largest ocean in the world. The Greeks named the ocean after Atlas, a character in Greek mythology who held up the sky.
A way of moving a boat using oars. Rowing boats come in all shapes and sizes. Modern rowing competitions have boats with up to eight crew members.
Canary Islands
A group of islands off the coast of Morocco on the North West coast of Africa.
The place a person is going to or aiming for.
A region in the Americas. It includes the Caribbean Sea and over 7,000 islands.
Solar panels
Cells that turn sunlight into electricity. Jasmine used solar power to charge her lights and some electric items.
Special phone
A satellite phone is a type of phone that connects to other phones using satellites in space. She had to use it because there was no normal land network for her normal phone.

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