What a marathon! The story of a race

And they’re off! A whopping 42,000 runners will take part in the London Marathon on Sunday.

Would you like to run a marathon? This Sunday, thousands of people will run the London Marathon. Many will be running for charity, but some will be trying to break records…

What’s happening

This Sunday, Andy Murray will officially start the 2019 London Marathon!

Thousands of runners will trek the gruelling 26.2 miles around the River Thames. The winner will get £39,000.

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Running a marathon is hard work!

The average runner will take 50,000 steps. They burn enough energy to power a phone for a year. They even get 1cm shorter!

Most runners do it to raise money for charity. Last year, they raised £64 million for good causes.

Others are trying to beat the record finish time: two hours, three minutes and five seconds.

Would you like to run a marathon?

Some say…

Yes! I love running. It is good for you, and the London Marathon means you can raise money at the same time. Ready, set… Go!

Others think…

No thanks! Marathons take months of training. Pushing your body too far can end up hurting you. I am happy just to watch.

You Decide

  1. Is running the best sport?


  1. How many miles is a half marathon? On average, how many steps would it take? Find and use the information in this story to work out an answer.

Some People Say...

“Of all the races, there is no better stage for heroism than a marathon.”

George Sheehan

What do you think?

Word Watch

Andy Murray
A professional tennis player who retires this year.
Very demanding.
Bravery; being a hero.


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