Welcome to the galaxy’s first hotel

Check-in: The luxury resort will have rooms for 400 guests. © Voyager Station

Would holidays in space really be better? The world’s first orbiting resort could be open as soon as 2027 – but some people think it would be better to explore the wonders of Earth instead.

What’s happening

The man at the desk smiles. “Welcome to the Voyager Station Hotel. Can you give me your name?”

“We’re the Smiths.”

“Check in date, 8 March, 2029. Room 347. Follow me,” he says. He picks up the suitcase and floats down the corridor. The Smiths float after him, ready to start their holiday in space.

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This vision of the future could soon come true. The first-ever space hotel is expected to open in six years.

Visitors will arrive on rockets. Floating in low-orbit, they will be able to see the earth as they move around the planet every 90 minutes.

The Voyager Station will be a luxury resort with space for 400 guests. There will be a cinema, spa, gym – and even a basketball court.

The company behind the idea hopes to start work on it in 2025. Shaped like a giant wheel, most of it will be built in space by robots.

Anyone will be able to go without doing any astronaut training. But they will need to have lots of money. A stay in the hotel could cost millions of pounds per night.

Would holidays in space really be better than on Earth?

Some say…

Yes! It would be the holiday of a lifetime. You would get to travel in a rocket, eat space food and float around in low gravity. Imagine looking out your window in the morning and seeing the whole Earth! Plus, you might even get a chance for a spacewalk. A holiday in space would make anything on Earth seem boring.

Others think…

Not really. It would be interesting at first. Then, the novelty would wear off. Dried food from packets would taste horrible. The view of Earth would quickly get boring. You would miss fresh air. You would not be able to explore. There are thousands of stunning places on our planet – and much more to do. Earth holidays will always be better.

You Decide

  1. Would you rather visit space or travel to the bottom of the ocean?


  1. Draw a map for your own hotel in space. Don’t forget to include all of the luxury extras like a cinema, pool and sports hall.

Some People Say...

“A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in.”

Robert Orben (1927 – ), American comedian and writer

What do you think?

Word Watch

To orbit is to circle around something like a planet or a sun. Satellites and other spacecraft orbit the Earth. Low-orbit means they are closer to Earth than other objects.
Very rich and comfortable surroundings. A luxury hotel has five stars and gives you all the comforts you could wish for, including food, beautiful rooms and leisure facilities.
A place where people go on holiday, like a seaside resort.
Astronauts have to have a high-level university degree and years of experience flying planes or working as scientists. Then, they need three years to learn how to live and work in space.
In the past, tourists have paid up to $25m to go to space and live in horrible conditions. Now that there are reusable rockets, tickets might be slightly cheaper.
When an astronaut leaves their spacecraft and walks in open space.
When something is new or unusual. When the novelty wears off, it means something is no longer fun because it is no longer exciting and new.

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