WandaVision secrets revealed in new show

Record breaker: The first episode was streamed over six million times in one weekend. © Marvel Studios

Are superheroes good role models? A behind-the-scenes documentary series being released later this week will reveal secrets about Marvel’s biggest TV shows, to the delight of millions of fans.

What’s happening

Last Friday, keen viewers logged into Disney+ to watch episode nine of WandaVision. It was the season finale they had been waiting for since January, and it did not disappoint. There was drama, sadness and humour.

Then, it was over, and they were left wanting more.

Find out more

Luckily for the six million WandaVision fans, there is more. Disney+ has brought together some of its biggest Marvel shows for a new series that will explain how they are made.

The first episode of Assembled is about WandaVision, a series which began in January. It tells the story of Wanda Maximoff and her husband, Vision.

Set three weeks after Avengers: End Game, it is filled with links to other Marvel characters.

WandaVision is Marvel’s first sitcom. It is full of jokes and each episode ends on a cliffhanger. Now, fans will get to find out more about how it was made.

The show is currently the most popular in the world. Some think it is successful because people like learning about superheroes’ normal lives.

Do they make good role models?

Some say…

No. Superheroes are not good role models because we will never have powers like them. They can save the world from evil aliens and mutants turned bad. Vision is not even human. How can we see him as a role model? We have different problems, so we need different people to admire. Normal people who do strong, brave things are the best role models.

Others think…

Yes! Heroes have superpowers that they could use to harm others and make life easier for themselves. Instead, they work together and use their strengths to save the world. Just because we don’t have powers, it doesn’t mean they cannot make us feel as strong and powerful as we are.

You Decide

  1. If you could have any superpower, what would it be? How would you use it?


  1. Create your own superhero! Give them a name and costume, then decide on their powers.

Some People Say...

“You are much stronger than you think you are.”


What do you think?

Word Watch

Season finale
The last episode in a TV series.
If something is humorous it is funny.
To collect together or bring into a group. It is a word the X-Men famously use when they get together to go on a mission.
Wanda Maximoff
Also known as the Scarlet Witch, Wanda is a witch from a fictional country called Sokovia. She first appeared in a Marvel comic in 1964.
A robotic man with a flawless computer brain. He has been in four Avengers movies.
Avengers: End Game
The most recent Avengers movie. Vision was a character in the film, which had a dramatic cliffhanger ending.
Short for situational comedy. Sitcoms have the same characters in each episode, but there is always a new story.
A story with a sudden ending. It often leaves characters in a dangerous or complicated situation – a bit like hanging off the edge of a cliff.

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