Tracy Beaker show breaks TV record

All grown up: The Tracy Beaker books turn 30 this year. © BBC

Should she have a fairy tale ending? A show about Tracy Beaker and her daughter was watched 2.1 million times in its first week. Does Tracy deserve the ending she has always dreamt of?

What’s happening

When Jacqueline Wilson wrote the first Tracy Beaker book in 1991, she did not think it would be popular.

But 30 years later, there have been three more books and a TV series about her character. Now, a new show about Tracy as a mother has broken a streaming record.

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My Mum Tracy Beaker was released on 12 February. Within days, more than two million people had tuned in to watch.

It tells the story of Tracy and her daughter Jess. Having grown up in a care home with foster parents, Tracy wants to have a much stronger bond with her own family. She and Jess are a strong team. They stick up for each other. Everyone knows them as the “Beaker girls”.

When a rich boyfriend arrives, things start changing. Tracy and Jess get to move into a fancy house. Jess gets the pet dog she has always wanted. They even get the car Tracy always dreamt of when she was younger.

But Jess is not convinced the money and fame have made things better. She finds herself missing her old life.

Should Tracy have a fairy tale ending?

Some say…

Yes! Tracy spent her youth in a care home and moving around between different families. Now she has a daughter of her own, they deserve to have everything Tracy couldn’t have when she was growing up. For her, that means a dream car, a fancy house and money. Tracy has worked hard to look after her family. She deserves a dream ending.

Others think…

She doesn’t need one! Tracy Beaker is a good character because she is realistic. She does not need to end up rich and famous to be happy. She can show us that family and friends are the most important things. Her bond with Jess and her adoptive mum, Cam, might not be a traditional fairy tale, but it’s still a happy ending.

You Decide

  1. Are happy endings unrealistic?


  1. In the books, Tracy Beaker writes her own life story. Write the first chapter in the book about your life.

Some People Say...

“There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.”

Frank Herbert, American author

What do you think?

Word Watch

Jacqueline Wilson
The well-known children’s writer has written over 100 books. She is known for writing stories about children who face challenges in their families like adoption and divorce.
Watching videos directly from the internet. The show was on TV, but most viewers watched online at BBC iPlayer.
Care home
A place where children can live when they cannot live with their own family.
Foster parents
People who take a child into their family for a period of time. Unlike adoptive parents, they are not legal full-time parents.
Rich boyfriend
Sean Godfrey is a friend Tracy knew when she was younger. He has been successful as a footballer and is now a millionaire.
When Tracy was younger, she dreamt of her real mum coming to collect her. They would drive off together in a classic pink car. Sean buys one for Tracy to drive.


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