TikTok passes one billion downloads

Big news: TikTok has more active monthly users than Twitter and Snapchat.

Is TikTok a good thing? The app lets people share short videos with each other. They can work together with other users to make new jokes and songs. Is it creative or a waste of time?

What’s happening

A song by DJ Regard is in the charts. It was first written by a singer called Jay Sean in 2008, but the song has become popular again on a video app called TikTok.

TikTok lets users share short, funny videos with each other. Lots of them are based on popular songs.

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TikTok has been downloaded more than one billion times in 150 countries. It is especially popular with young people. Over 66% of its members are aged below 30.

You can “duet” with another user by replying to their video, and the app shows its users viral songs and popular jokes, which encourages its users to create videos of their own.

Most of the videos show people miming along to songs or dancing.

One newspaper said TikTok shows “the rise of creative social media”. This means that people are being inspired to use their imagination and get better at making videos.

However, some authorities are worried that young people are being bullied on TikTok, because anyone can see your videos.

Is TikTok a good idea?

Some say…

Yes! It is good to be creative. Whether it is painting a picture, writing a poem, or making a TikTok video, we should all practise making something of our own using our imagination.

Others think…

No. TikTok is a silly waste of time. You are not learning anything by dancing around in short videos. It would be better to spend your time reading a book or just playing with your friends in real life.

You Decide

  1. What is your favourite creative activity?


  1. If you were making a short film, what would it be about? Draw a story board showing your idea.

Some People Say...

“We take better care of our smartphones than we do of ourselves.”

Arianna Huffington, Greek-American author

What do you think?

Word Watch

When lots of people share something on the internet and it becomes famous.
Makes someone feel like they should do something.
When you use your imagination and your own ideas to make something new.
To fill someone with the urge to do something, particularly something creative.
People who have power in a certain area.

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