Three nations claim Santa and the North Pole

Canada, Russia and Denmark all say that the Arctic ice caps - including the North Pole - belong to them. Which country does Father Christmas call home?

What’s happening

Russia’s president calls the North Pole an area of ‘special interest’. Denmark says it is a ‘historic and important milestone’. And ‘everybody knows that Santa is a Canadian,’ says Canada. Now the three countries have all written to the United Nations (UN) to claim the area for themselves.

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When we send our wishlist to Father Christmas in December, the address is simple: ‘Santa Claus, The North Pole.’ But which country is it in? At the moment, the answer is none. The North Pole is looked after by nine countries who form an Arctic Council.

As well as being the home of Father Christmas, the Arctic is also known for its beautiful icebergs, its families of polar bears, and the oil and gas beneath its surface. These natural resources are fossil fuels which could be mined and used one day. This makes it a very valuable area.

For now, the UN continues to say the North Pole does not belong to anybody but Santa. But as more countries claim ownership, soon the UN and the Arctic Council may have to sit down together and decide.

Some say…

No one should be allowed to own the North Pole! It is one of the few truly natural places on Earth which has not been spoilt by greedy countries who want to exploit it for their own gain. The UN and the Arctic Council should not give it to anybody. Instead, it should keep making sure that Santa and his reindeer are left in peace.

Others think…

This is too sentimental. The world is running out of oil and gas, and it needs to keep fueling electricity. If one country promises to look after the area and use its resources responsibly, then why shouldn’t it be allowed to own the North Pole? Santa may have to change his passport - but he can still travel around the world on Christmas Eve.

You Decide

  1. Should one of the three countries be allowed to own the North Pole?


  1. Write your own letter to Santa telling him about your year.

Some People Say...

“Santa Claus has no nationality - he is for everyone.”

What do you think?

Word Watch

An important place or moment.
United Nations
A group of 193 countries (often known as the UN) which all come together to discuss and make decisions about the world’s problems.
Fossil fuels
A natural source of energy which is made over thousands of years, meaning there is a limited amount. The energy from burning it is used for electricity.
Worth a lot of money.
Based on feelings such as happiness or sadness rather than practical reasons.

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