The world’s first electric ‘petrol’ station

Filling up: Cars can charge completely in as little as 20 minutes. © EVgo

Will you ever have your own car? The world’s first electric charging station has opened. For fans, it means more electric vehicles on roads. But some say the future is not about cars at all.

What’s happening

A car pulls into the forecourt and parks. The driver gets out and walks around to the place where the pumps are. He fits one into the slot on the side of his car.

It might sound like a normal petrol station – but there is one difference about this new one in England: it is totally electric.

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Last week, the world’s first electric filling station opened. Just like a service station, it has places to fill cars, shops and a café.

The company that built it is hoping to create 100 more in five years – and they might not be alone. In November, the government announced it would spend £1.9bn on building new charging facilities.

This is good news to anybody who already has an electric vehicle. In the past, it has been difficult for drivers to take cars on long trips because fuel stations do not have charging points.

The government has promised that UK roads will produce zero emissions by 2050. It says electric cars are the way to achieve this. But others say we should focus on other kinds of transport.

Will you ever own a car?

Some say…

Maybe not. As technology improves, we won’t need cars anymore. Transport like the hyperloop will mean long drives are pointless, and e-bikes and scooters make short trips easier too. Plus, electric vehicles are so expensive that public transport is easier. By the time they are cheaper, we will all be used to other ways of getting around.

Others think…

Probably! People will always love driving. For 100 years, cars have been a symbol of freedom and choice. Early electric cars did not give you many options for charging. Now, there are hundreds of charging points. Dozens of car companies are making electric vehicles, meaning there are endless choices about what to buy.

You Decide

  1. Do you prefer travelling in a car or on public transport?


  1. Make a poster advertising your own electric car, including a drawing of it with labels. Remember to give it an exciting name.

Some People Say...

“The way I drive, the way I handle a car, is an expression of my inner feelings.”

Lewis Hamilton, British racing driver

What do you think?

Word Watch

An open area in front of a building. The word is often used to describe the area in front of a filling station where the fuel pumps can be found.
Something built for a particular purpose, such as a sports hall or, in this case, a place to charge an electric vehicle
Gas given off by vehicles like cars and lorries.
A hyperloop is a form of transport where pods travel quickly in a tube. It can reach speeds of up to 633mh.
Buying a new car is expensive, and electric vehicles are pricier than regular cars. The cheapest Tesla vehicle costs nearly £40,000.

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