The seven-year-old YouTuber earning £17 million

The life of Ryan: His channel uploads one new toy video every day. © Ryan ToysReview

Is YouTube a good career goal? Seven-year-old Ryan earns around £17 million a year by reviewing toys on camera. Around a third of young people want to be a YouTuber.

What’s happening

YouTube’s biggest earner in 2019 has more than 20 million subscribers. He has made over 1,000 videos. He earns around $26 million a year.

He is also only seven years old. His name is Ryan, from the channel Ryan ToysReview.

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In his videos, Ryan opens new toys and plays with them. In his most popular video he plays with a giant inflatable water slide. It has been watched 1.6 billion times.

Most of Ryan’s money comes from adverts before each video.

When a journalist asked Ryan why he was so popular, he explained: “because I’m entertaining and I’m funny.”

A survey last year found that around one third of children between the ages of six and 17 want to be YouTubers. Is it a good job?

Some say…

Yes! Ryan has a dream life. He gets to play with new toys in front of millions of fans. He earns money by doing something fun. If you can make it on YouTube, you are set for life.

Others think…

No. Fame is a lot of pressure, especially for kids. People online can be cruel and Ryan might regret the videos one day. Besides, he does not need hundreds of toys, or millions of pounds.

You Decide

  1. Do you want to be famous?


  1. Write a review of your favourite toy. Include answers to the questions: what is it? Why do you like it? Why will other children like it too?

Some People Say...

“If Shakespeare were alive today, he’d be doing classic guitar solos on YouTube.”

Peter Capaldi

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Someone who makes money.
People who have applied to receive something. On YouTube, this means you can see when a new video has been posted by a particular channel.
Someone who reports on the news. This could be in newspapers, on TV or on the radio.
Wish something had not happened.

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