‘The American festival we all should celebrate’

Blessing: This painting by Norman Rockwell shows a traditional American Thanksgiving dinner from the 1940s.

Should Britain have Thanksgiving? At this time of year, American families come together to eat turkey and say what they are thankful for. Some British people are celebrating Thanksgiving Day too.

What’s happening

Thanksgiving Day is a famous holiday in America. It happens at the end of November every year.

Thanksgiving dinner is like Christmas dinner because there is a big turkey. It is different because there are no crackers or presents.

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After the meal people say what they are thankful for in life. Some people think people in Britain should do this too.

A writer called Sarah Ivens thinks it is good for us to “to think about what we’ve got to be grateful for”.

The tradition is growing slowly here. At least one in six people now celebrate Thanksgiving Day in Britain.

Should we all join in?

Some say…

Yes! Thinking about the good things in your life make you feel more happy. It is also fun to have a big feast with your family.

Others think…

No! Having another festival would make Christmas less special. You can also be grateful for things without having a big holiday.

You Decide

  1. Should we celebrate Thanksgiving Day?


  1. Think privately for a few minutes about all the things that you are grateful for. Go around the class, with each student sharing the thing they are most grateful for in life. Do you think we could do more to show how thankful we are for these things?

Some People Say...

“A grateful heart is a beginning of greatness.”

James E. Faust

What do you think?

Word Watch

Known about by many people.
Showing thanks for someone or something.
A large meal, usually to celebrate something.
A time of celebration.
Better than what is normal.

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