The 13-year-old heading for the Olympics

Multi-talented: Sky is also a professional surfer. © @oh_so_co

Is determination the secret to success? Sky Brown is a skateboarder hoping to go to the Tokyo Games next month. If she is successful, she will be the youngest summer Olympian ever.

What’s happening

Sky is the world’s youngest professional skateboarder. She has been competing since before she was 10.

Now, she hopes to break a new record. In a few weeks, she could become the youngest person ever to represent Britain at the summer Olympics.

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This year will be the first time that skateboarding will be an Olympic sport. Sky has been training to take part since she was 10 years old.

But her journey to the Olympics has not been easy. In 2020, the games were cancelled because of the pandemic.

Then, she had an accident in training. She was doing a trick when something went wrong. She crashed to the ground, broke her wrist and her skull.

Even though Sky was badly injured, she came back as soon as she was better. Less than a year after the accident, she is back and ready to skate again.

“I was motivated to go harder and just get back out there,” she said. “I wanted to show girls around the world that nothing should ever stop you.”

Is determination the secret to success?

Some say…

Yes! Lots of other people would give up if they had an accident like Sky. But she worked hard to come back. Now she is most likely going to be the youngest person ever to represent Britain at the summer Olympics. This shows that not giving up will always get you success!

Others think…

No. It is not just determination that has led to Sky’s success. She is hardworking, but she is also very talented. She would not be so good at skating if she was not skilled. And it was not only determination that made her come back after her accident. She was brave too. That is the true secret to her success.

You Decide

  1. Should there be an age limit for people to compete in the Olympics?


  1. Come up with your own idea for a new Olympic sport. Write a letter to the Olympic committee explaining why you think it will be a good sport to add to the games, use pictures.

Some People Say...

“Scared is what you’re feeling. Brave is what you’re doing.”

Emma Donoghue (1969 – ), Irish-Canadian playwright

What do you think?

Word Watch

To take part in a competition.
To act in place of a group of people or a country.
First time
Every Olympic Games, at least one new sport is introduced. Surfing will be another new sport this summer.
Something harmful that happens by chance.
The case of bone that forms the skeleton of the head. It holds the brain and supports the jaw.
To be inspired or encouraged to do something.
Fee from doubt about doing something.

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