Summer holidays back on as lockdown lifts

Staycation? More than 50% of Britons choose to go on holiday within the UK. © Alamy

Are foreign holidays really worth it? Many families are looking forward to heading off on summer trips after the government lifted travel restrictions for more than 50 countries on Friday.

What’s happening

For months, it seemed that holidays would not happen this year. Suitcases were left untouched in cupboards. Passports were kept hidden away. Flights were cancelled. The government warned against all non-essential travel. For everyone, the thrill of getting away for a summer break seemed a distant hope.

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Everything changed on Saturday. Bed and breakfasts, hotels, and campsites across England reopened. At the same time, rules restricting travel were eased in over 50 countries, including France, Italy, and Spain.

Many countries have been welcoming tourists for some time – Italy opened its borders on 4 June. But anyone returning to the UK had to go into quarantine for 14 days. The new rules say that this will not be necessary, meaning that Britons will be able to enjoy holidays abroad.

Each country has its own rules for tourists to follow though. Anyone arriving in Spain will have their temperature checked and must keep 1.5 metres apart. In Italy, all tourists over six years old must wear a face mask in public.

Are foreign holidays worth it?

Some say…

No. It is important to take time off from school or work to feel refreshed, but we can do this close to home. There is no need to go abroad. Foreign holidays are expensive, they can be stressful, and travelling long distances is bad for the environment. When taking a break, we should use the opportunity to explore the local area in our own country.

Others think…

Yes! The experience of lockdown has taught us that staying at home can be tiring. Even with restrictions, foreign holidays offer us a break from daily life. They give us a chance to discover other parts of the world, meet new people, and learn important lessons about different cultures. Everyone should take the opportunity to travel if they can.

You Decide

  1. Would you prefer a relaxing trip or an adventure holiday?


  1. Imagine you have gone on your dream holiday. Make a postcard with a picture of the location, and write a message on the other side to send home.

Some People Say...

“A change is as good as a rest.”

A proverb that originated in Victorian Britain.

What do you think?

Word Watch

Something that is not completely necessary. The government advised people to stay at home unless travelling to work or for an emergency.
Made less severe or difficult. The new rules are less strict than they were before.
A period of isolation that is necessary when a person has been exposed to an infectious illness. Until Saturday, anyone arriving in the UK had to quarantine for two weeks to reduce the risk of coronavirus spreading.


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