Stormzy single released in schools

Nickname: Stormzy’s real name is Michael Ebenazer Kwadjo Omari Owuo Jr © PA

Should Stormzy be a role model for us all? His latest music video came out last week. The Superheroes animation is a salute to young people – and a celebration of the qualities that make you different from everybody else

What’s happening

It was an unusual start to the day for the students at one school in Dublin.

The whole class had arrived early to watch a special video during form time. As they sat waiting, the screen turned on, and they heard a voice.

“Yo, what’s going on, people? It’s Stormzy here.”

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This was the way that the British rapper chose to release his new music video, Superheroes.

In it, young black boys and girls are discovering their own superpowers. One boy finds that his is being good at maths. A girl finds out that confidence helps her fly.

Stormzy believes that we all have something that makes us special. “Whatever it is that you feel may be holding you back, you are a superhero," he says.

Other elements of the video include the Black Lives Matter movement and Malorie Blackman’s book, Noughts and Crosses.

Stormzy decided to share the video with schools before it was released to the public, saying, "I wanted to make this video to basically inspire you guys, to let you know that the sky is the limit.”

Is he a role model for us all?

Some say…

Of course, he is! Everybody can look up to Stormzy. He uses his success and fame to do good. He created a scholarship to send black students to Cambridge University. He dressed up as Santa and visited sick children in hospital. He even visited his old primary school to give the students tips for life. He is a great role model.

Others think…

Role models don't have to be famous people. Actually, the main message of Stormzy’s video is that there are heroes everywhere. We can look up to our friends, family and teachers. Of course, Stormzy is an inspiration and he sets a brilliant example. But he also reminds us not to forget the role models we see every day. That is the message of Superheroes.

You Decide

  1. Do celebrities make good role models?


  1. Imagine Stormzy visited your school. What three questions would you ask him?

Some People Say...

“I believe each individual can have a say and make a difference.”

Malorie Blackman, author of Noughts and Crosses

What do you think?

Word Watch

This is the artist’s stage name. His real name is Michael Ebenazer Kwadjo Omari Owuo Jr – although he goes by Michael Omari in his daily life.
Usually we think of superpowers as magical powers like mind-reading or becoming invisible. This video shows qualities like being kind and being smart as superpowers, too.
Black Lives Matter
The Black Lives Matter movement fights discrimination against black people. This year, events, especially in the USA, have attracted worldwide interest and support.
Noughts and Crosses
A series of books about Sephy and Callum, teenagers who live in a society whose rulers are all dark-skinned.
Cambridge University
A top university in England. Stormzy’s scholarship helps black students by paying their fees and supporting them in their studies.


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