Scientists create human-monkey cross

Never let me go: The team also created the first human-pig embryo in 2017.

Should animals ever be part-human? There are not enough organs for doctors to use in life-saving operations, so they are turning to animals with human DNA. Some say it is cruel and unnatural.

What’s happening

Spanish scientists have created the first creature that is part-human and part-monkey.

They say that one day these creatures could be used to grow human organs, which could save the lives of over 150,000 very sick people in the UK who need organ transplants.

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Juan Carlos Izpisua, who led the scientists, has also experimented with human-sheep and human-mouse hybrids.

His experiments have made some people very angry. They would be illegal in most countries, so the scientists had to travel to China, where laws are less strict.

The human-monkey creature was destroyed before it was born. If it had been born, some people fear it could have become intelligent and conscious like a human.

Should animals ever be part-human?

Some say…

It is very exciting. The experiments could save lots of lives because there are not enough organs to save everyone. In the future, this science could let us cure many diseases and we could have longer, healthier lives.

Others think…

It is disgusting. The creatures created in the experiments may be able to feel pain and suffer. Humans should not have the right to create animals for selfish reasons. Besides, the research may not even work.

You Decide

  1. Is it always wrong to experiment on animals?


  1. What strange animal crosses can you imagine? Draw your own combination of two animals, or a human-animal hybrid.

Some People Say...

“How dare you sport thus with life?”

The Creature, in Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

What do you think?

Word Watch

Organ transplants
An organ is a part of your body like your lung or heart. An organ transplant is an operation when an organ that does not work properly is swapped for a healthy organ belonging to someone else.
A cross between two things.
Banned under the law.
Awake and aware of what is happening to them.


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