Schools in Finland say no to classrooms

Finnish friends: These students in Finland work in open-plan classrooms. They are waving “hei” (Finnish for hello).

Should schools get rid of classrooms? This is what some schools in Finland have done. Children there are taught in one big space instead. Not everyone thinks it is a good idea.

What’s happening

Schools in a country called Finland are getting rid of classrooms. Every pupil in the school is taught in one big room instead.

The idea is called open-plan learning.

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In some schools there are 100 pupils being taught at one time. There are three or four teachers in charge.

The teachers like it because they can work together. The pupils like it because they can share ideas.

The open space has lots of different areas to work. There are soft chairs, tables, computer desks and an outdoor play area.

Should all schools get rid of classrooms?

Some say…

No! It will be too noisy. Many lessons going on at once will make it hard to focus too. Keeping classrooms as they are is best.

Others think…

Yes! Having lots of teachers is a good thing. Each one can teach you something different. We will all make more friends too.

You Decide

  1. What do you like best about school?


  1. It is time to design your very own school! On a piece of paper, draw a plan for your perfect school. What special things does it have? How big is it? Where in the world is it located? How will it help pupils learn? Make your drawing as imaginative as possible.

Some People Say...

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

Benjamin Franklin

What do you think?

Word Watch

A person who goes to school to learn.
A large space that is not split up by walls.
Splitting something up between people in a fair way.
A table that is used for work.
Thinking hard about a topic.


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