One year on, Fortnite still as popular as ever

Nite time: Fortnite has inspired a lot of popular dance moves.

Are video games good or bad for us? It has now been a year since Fortnite Battle Royale was released. Over 125 million people have played the game, but some fear it is too violent for kids.

What’s happening

One year ago, the video game Fortnite launched its Battle Royale mode. It quickly became a phenomenon. Over 125 million people have played it, and it has earned over $1.2 billion.

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The game has one simple aim: survive. Your character is placed in an arena with 99 other people who are playing at the same time. The last man or woman standing wins.

Although Fortnite is wildly popular, not everyone is a fan. Schools have complained about “negative” behaviour since it was released.

Meanwhile, parents worry about their kids talking to strangers online while playing. Some also want children to spend less time using screens.

Are video games bad for you?

Some say…

Yes! Shooting games like Fornite make violence seem cool. They also gobble up hours of time that could be spent reading or playing outdoors. It is time to put down the controllers.

Others think…

Video games are fun! They can be played with friends. They teach you to think fast. Plus, kids are smart enough to know the difference between Fortnite and real life. What is the harm?

You Decide

  1. Should Fortnite be banned?


  1. Thea spends one hour playing Fortnite on Monday and Wednesday. She plays it for two hours on Tuesday and Thursday. She plays for five hours over the weekend. In total, how many hours does she play in one week?

Some People Say...

“Video games are a waste of time for men with nothing else to do.”

Ray Bradbury

What do you think?

Word Watch

Released for the first time; set in motion.
Something very popular; a craze.
Separately, but at the same time.
Eat very quickly.
The part of a video game console that you use to control the action.

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