One of these women could be next US president

New generation: These are the three current front-runners to challenge Donald Trump.

Will the next American president be a woman? Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Kirsten Gillibrand and Tulsi Gabbard will stand for America’s highest office. And there may be more…

What’s happening

Britain has a female prime minister. It is one of 23 countries around the world where women are in charge.

How many female presidents has America had? Zero. Several women are trying to change that.

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Donald Trump is the president of the United States right now. There is an election happening in 2020.

Four women want his job. One is Kamala Harris. Her parents are from Jamaica and India.

She wants to be the first person of Asian background and the first African-American woman to be president.

Another is Elizabeth Warren. She says she wants there to be “a woman at the top.”

Will the next American president be a woman?

Some say…

Yes. Other countries have female leaders. America should too. It sends a message that women are just as good as men.

Others think…

Maybe not. Sadly, there are some people who still have sexist views. This could stop it happening.

You Decide

  1. Would you like to be prime minister?


  1. Imagine you were running in an election to become prime minister of Great Britain. What three promises would you make during your election campaign? Write down your ideas and share them with the class.

Some People Say...

“My mother used to tell me, ‘Kamala, you may be the first to do many things. Make sure you are not the last.’”

Kamala Harris

What do you think?

Word Watch

The person in charge of a country — similar to Britain’s prime minister.
More than two, but not many.
How leaders are chosen.
An island nation in the Caribbean.
Believing that members of one sex are less able or clever than members of the other.


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