Old English sheepdog goes out of style

Puppy love: Only 98 old English sheepdogs have been born in the first four months of this year.

Should dog owners still buy purebreds? The Kennel Club says that old English sheepdogs are in danger of extinction. Not many people are breeding them. Some people think that this is a good thing.

What’s happening

The Kennel Club looks out for all of the dogs in the UK. It also keeps a record of all of the new pedigrees born in the country.

It says that French bulldogs are the most popular breed this year. Meanwhile, old English sheepdogs are going out of style.

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Pedigrees are dogs whose family are all the same breed. A mummy and daddy bulldog will have bulldog puppies.

However, pedigrees often have health problems.

We may love bulldogs for their squishy, flat faces, but these can also create breathing problems.

Mixed-breeds (mutts) are often healthier.

Should dog owners stop buying pedigrees and, instead, buy mutts?

Some say…

Yes. It is cruel to breed dogs with health problems. Better yet, adopt a rescue dog who really needs a home!

Others think…

No. Pedigrees are often better behaved than mutts. We will be sad if we lose purebreeds like the old English sheepdog.

You Decide

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  1. Draw a picture of your perfect dog. Is it big or small? Long or short-haired? What would you call this imaginary breed?

Some People Say...

“Every dog is a lion at home.”

Henry George Bohn, British publisher (1796-1884)

What do you think?

Word Watch

Purebreeds. Dogs which come from a long line of the same breed of dog.
Liked by the most people.
A particular type of animal, such as a dog.
Another word for pedigrees (see above).


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