Not fur us: London Fashion Week goes fur-free

Foxy: More than one billion animals — mostly rabbits, minks and foxes — are killed in fur farms each year.

Should fur clothes be banned? Today, models and designers from around the world have arrived in the capital city for London Fashion Week. For the first time ever, the event will be fur-free.

What’s happening

Fuzzy hats, warm scarves and coats to make Cruella de Vil swoon. London Fashion Week begins in the capital city today, and it is sure to have some amazing clothes on show.

However, for the first time, the British Fashion Council says that not a single scrap of real fur will be found on the runways.

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Major fashion labels like Gucci and Burberry have pledged to stop using fur to make their clothes, opting for faux-fur fabrics instead.

“Modern luxury means being socially and environmentally responsible,” explained the head of Burberry last week.

Although London Fashion Week has not actually banned fur, a survey found that none of its shows will be using it. It is the first time that one of the world’s major fashion weeks will be fur-free.

The news comes after years of campaigning by animal rights activists. Earlier this year, one anti-fur protester even made it onto the runway of a London fashion show.

Farming animals for their fur is illegal in Britain, but it is not illegal to import it from other countries. Should it be banned completely?

Some say…

Absolutely. It is cruel and selfish to kill animals for their fur, especially when there are so many humane alternatives. Around 95% of British women say they would not want to wear real fur, so there is no reason for fashion designers to keep using it. There is nothing beautiful about cruelty — it is good that London Fashion Week finally agrees.

Others think…

What is the difference between wearing fur and eating meat, or sitting on leather seats? Unless you are strictly vegan, it makes no sense to complain about killing animals for one thing and not another. Besides, fake fur is often made with plastic, which causes its own environmental problems. At least real fur is natural. We should not ban it.

You Decide

  1. When is it wrong to kill animals?


  1. Design your own outfit for London Fashion Week, inspired by this story.

Some People Say...

“There is no better designer than nature.”

Alexander McQueen

What do you think?

Word Watch

Cruella de Vil
The fur-loving villain of 101 Dalmatians.
Fake fur, usually made of plastic-based materials.
People who are campaigning for social or political change.
When something is brought from another country to be sold at home.
Treated with compassion.
Someone who does not eat or use any animal products.

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