New vegan burgers look and taste like meat

Veggie: Despite its appearance, this burger contains no meat at all — suitable for the UK’s 3.5 million vegans.

Should we stop eating meat? Tesco has launched a new meat-free burger that looks, tastes and sizzles just like the real thing. Scientists say that not eating meat helps the environment.

What’s happening

A new burger which is made totally from plants is now available in Tesco’s supermarkets. It is called the Beyond Burger.

Scientists have made it as similar to real meat as possible. It even “bleeds” when you cut it open. They hope it will help more people change to a meat-free diet.

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The burgers are made of peas, coconut oil and potato. Beetroot juice is the key ingredient for making them red and meaty.

More and more people are stopping eating meat and choosing a vegan diet. One big reason is to help the environment.

Raising animals for food takes up lots of natural resources, and causes forests to be cut down. Scientists say that reducing how much beef we eat by 90% would help stop climate change.

Should we all stop eating meat?

Some say…

Definitely. Giving up meat is the best thing you can do to help nature. It is also wrong to raise animals just so they can be eaten. We should all stop eating meat.

Others think…

Not so fast. It is natural for humans to eat meat, people have done so for hundreds of years. Maybe some of us could cut down, but forcing everyone to become vegetarians is wrong.

You Decide

  1. Would you eat a fake meat burger?


  1. It is time for a debate! Read this statement: “It is always wrong to eat animals.” Write down three reasons in support of this statement, and three reasons against. Discuss your ideas with your classmates. Which side do you agree with?

Some People Say...

“Not eating meat is a decision, eating meat is an instinct.”

Denis Leary

What do you think?

Word Watch

A large tropical seed. It is brown and woody on the outside but soft and white on the inside.
A dark purple vegetable often eaten in salads.
A diet that avoids all animal products including eggs, milk and cheese.
Natural resources
Using materials that come from nature, like wood, water and coal.
Climate change
The gradual warming of the Earth because of human pollution.


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