Labradoodles cute, but a terrible mistake

Labradorable: Most Labradoodles are hypoallergenic, which means they don’t shed their fur. © Getty

Are Labradoodles really a “Frankenstein’s monster”? That’s what their creator, 90-year-old Wally Conron, says. He believes the “unhealthy” dogs set a dangerous trend.

What’s happening

Wally Nelson invented the Labradoodle in 1989 as a guide dog for people who are allergic to fur.

He wanted to make a pet that was as gentle as a Labrador and didn’t shed its coat (like a Poodle).

However, he now says that he made a “Frankenstein’s monster”. It is his biggest regret.

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Labradoodles are half-Labrador and half-Poodle. They were first used as guide dogs but, now, they are very popular as pets.

Nelson, who lives in Australia, says that Labradoodles started a trend for designer dogs. He worries that these dogs are not very healthy, and that their owners treat them as a fashion accessory.

However, the Labradoodle Association does not agree. It says that Labradoodles are “generally considered healthy dogs” that make great pets.

Pedigree dogs like the King Charles Spaniel or the German Shepherd can also have health problems in their DNA.

Should Labradoodles be banned?

Some say…

Yes. Since the Labradoodle was created, everyone is more concerned about how their pets look over caring for them properly. Banning Labradoodles would stop cruel breeders selling them for lots of money.

Others think…

No. Many types of dogs have health problems. It is unfair to concentrate on Labradoodles, that are usually healthy and gentle. The best thing to do is to give these wonderful pets loving homes.

You Decide

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Some People Say...

“You can tell by the kindness of a dog how a human should be.”

Captain Beefheart, US singer

What do you think?

Word Watch

Guide dog
Some blind people have dogs to help them go about their daily lives.
When a person has a reaction (that can be dangerous) to a particular food or material.
Frankenstein’s monster
A monster created from different body parts by a scientist called Dr Frankenstein, in a novel by Mary Shelley.
Something that you wish you had never done.
A luxury product that is expensive.
Fashion accessory
Like a hat or a handbag that you can change with the seasons.
When a dog belongs to just one breed.
The stuff, passed down through parents, that decides what a living thing looks and acts like.


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