Huge excitement as Elsa returns in Frozen 2

Family fortunes: Queen Elsa of Arendelle stars in Frozen 2 with her sister Anna. © Disney

Are there too many sequels? Many children cannot wait to see the new film starring Elsa and Olaf the snowman, but others think that film studios are running out of ideas.

What’s happening

It is six years since Elsa, Anna and Olaf melted our hearts in Frozen.

The film made $1.27bn (£986m) across the world to become the most successful animated film ever. It also gave us Let It Go, one of the catchiest songs in Disney history.

Finally, Frozen 2 arrives in cinemas on Friday.

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This time, Elsa and her friends are going on an adventure far away from the kingdom of Arendelle. Expect to see lots of excited children queuing outside cinemas this week.

However, not everyone thinks that we need another Frozen film.

“From my sorry adult view, this sequel is entirely unnecessary,” wrote film critic Richard Lawson.

His fellow critic Ben Travis disagrees. He thinks that Frozen 2 “goes bigger, bolder, and more epic” than the original.

Is Lawson right? Are there too many sequels?

Some say…

Yes. Frozen was so good because we were meeting the characters and their world for the first time. Studios should spend more time thinking of fresh, creative ideas.

Others think…

No. Why wouldn’t you want to have more stories about characters you love? Harry Potter would not be as good if there was only one book. Sequels are brilliant!

You Decide

  1. Do you want to see Frozen 2?


  1. What do you think should happen in Frozen 2? Write a short story starring Elsa and her friends.

Some People Say...

“That’s the hardest thing about doing sequels — you’ve lost the element of surprise.”

Sylvester Stallone, US actor

What do you think?

Word Watch

Like a cartoon.
Hard to get out of your head, so you can’t stop singing it.
A book or film that continues a story from the first one.
Not needed.
A person whose job it is to judge if something is good or bad and write about it.
The earliest form of something.
Harry Potter
A story about a boy who finds out he is a wizard. There are seven Harry Potter books and eight films.


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