Grub’s up! Restaurant puts bugs on the menu

Crikey! Some UK shops are selling pasta and flour made from crickets.

Is eating insects a good idea? A restaurant in New York is serving grasshoppers, worms and scorpions to hungry customers. Some people think, soon, we will all eat insects.

What’s happening

Do you want creepy crawlies for dinner? A restaurant in New York is putting insects on the menu.

At Brooklyn Bugs, you can feast on worms, grasshoppers, scorpions and more.

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Experts say we should eat insects to save the planet.

Bugs are very healthy and they do not harm the environment. They are easy to get because there are so many of them around.

In fact, the United Nations (UN) says that people should eat bugs every day.

Not everyone is happy.

The chef at Brooklyn Bugs said that it is hard to turn something that “people don’t think of as food into something delicious”.

Is eating insects a good idea?

Some say…

No. It is disgusting. Insects are horrible to look at, let alone put in your mouth. No, thank you!

Others think…

Yes. It is a great way to save the planet and feed the growing number of people in the world. Soon, we will all be eating bugs.

You Decide

  1. Would you eat an insect?


  1. Design your own insect menu! Try to make it look like a real restaurant menu.

Some People Say...

“[Insects will be] the planet’s most sustainable food source.”

Jarrod Goldin, businessman

What do you think?

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