Great Big Art Exhibition puts creativity on show

Burst of creativity: Hundreds of people have already taken part in the art project. © David Parry

Can anyone be an artist? A new project organised by famous galleries and artists is encouraging people to make art and display it in their windows. Is art something everyone can create?

What’s happening

Last March, as countries around the world went into lockdown, pictures appeared in windows.

Children staying home from school were drawing rainbows and displaying them. Now, an art project is hoping to create that spirit once again. This time, the pictures are not rainbows, but animals.

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The Great Big Art Exhibition is a new project organised by charities, galleries and artists. It aims to encourage creativity during lockdown.

Each fortnight, one leading artist will choose a different theme to inspire anyone taking part. The first is Sir Anthony Gormley. He is a sculptor famous for designing the Angel of the North and has chosen animals as his theme.

He thinks lockdown has already made people more creative. “There are more people drawing, painting, making ceramics.” Now, he wants to invite even more people to become artists.

For him, the project is a chance to come together during another lockdown: “I’m hoping that every window sill or front garden or balcony will suddenly become a gallery.”

Can anyone be an artist?

Some say…

Not really. Being a real artist takes a lot of skill and years of training. Sir Anthony spent more than 10 years studying art and sculpture before he became famous – and he still works very hard. Leonardo da Vinci even did dissections to learn more about how to draw humans correctly. Being an artist is not something everybody can do.

Others think…

Of course! Art is not all about training and making something look perfect. If we wanted to have an accurate picture of something, we could take a photo. Art is about expressing how you feel and think. It is a great way to show others how you see the world. That doesn’t take years of training. It is something everyone can do.

You Decide

  1. Do you prefer drawing or making things with your hands?


  1. Make a piece of art to take part in the exhibition. It can be a drawing, a painting, origami or even a mud sculpture. The only rule is that it should be inspired by animals.

Some People Say...

“Don’t worry about how you ‘should’ draw it. Just draw it the way you see it.”

Tim Burton, artist and filmmaker

What do you think?

Word Watch

A public showing or display of art. Galleries have art exhibitions.
An art gallery is a place where art is displayed. One famous art gallery taking part is the Tate Britain in London.
Two weeks, or 14 days.
An artist who makes sculptures – 3D works of art, usually made of wood, clay or metal.
Angel of the North
A sculpture in Tyne and Wear built in 1998. The sculpture is 20 metres tall – as long as four double decker buses.
Ceramics are hard objects that people make from inorganic materials, or materials that did not come from plants or animals. People can use ceramics to make cups, plates and bowls.
Cutting something up to find out how it works. People can donate their bodies once they die to hospitals. There, doctors dissect their bodies to learn more about how to cure illnesses.
Free from mistakes, perfect.

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