‘Gaming makes you smarter’ say experts

Practice makes perfect: Some doctors play video games to warm up their brains before work. © Fortnite

Is it really good for you? Research has found that people who play video games could have better vision and spatial awareness. But some people still warn gaming is a waste of time.

What’s happening

Dan has superpowers. He can see objects in the fog before everyone else. If someone drops a coin on the floor, he knows exactly where to look for it. And when he and his family go to the zoo, he is always the first to spot animals – even when they are hiding.

His secret is that he plays video games.

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Gaming is a waste of time. You sit in front of a screen for hours. You don’t move your body. You hardly speak except down a microphone to strangers. Right?

Wrong. Gaming has many benefits. New research shows that people who game have better vision: they can keep track of lots of moving objects at once.

It makes them better at seeing in rain and fog. They are better at reading maps and can find hidden objects easily.

Scientists also think games could help train your brain and help it grow. In 2007, a study found that people who play games make better surgeons.

And gaming can teach life skills, too. Success in a game teaches you to work hard to achieve your goals.

Is gaming good for you?

Some say…

Yes! Gaming can teach us lots of skills. Minecraft is about being creative. Fortnite is about solving problems. And now research proves it can help us with skills like coordination and vision as well. Everyone should play games!

Others think…

We should be careful. Gaming can be very addictive. Even if games have some benefits, we should balance them with other activities. It is important to spend time outdoors. Playing sports and seeing real-life friends are still necessary.

You Decide

  1. Should gaming be a lesson in school?


  1. Design a computer game that could help you learn a skill. Give it a name and make the cover page to advertise it to your friends.

Some People Say...

“Always trust computer games.”

Ridley Pearson (1953 – ), American author

What do you think?

Word Watch

Any instrument in which sound is changed into an electrical signal. Microphones are used for recording or sending sound.
Something that produces a good or helpful result.
Sight. The research shows that gaming improves visual acuity, which means sharpness of vision.
Concentrating on tasks and solving problems while gaming acts as exercise for the brain. Just like muscles in the body, it gets stronger with exercise.
Doctors who perform operations. They have to be very good with their hands as operations involve complicated movements.
Something that is hard to control or stop. People can also get addicted to things like sugar, cigarettes and alcohol.

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