Fashion world mourns ‘giant’ Karl Lagerfeld

RIP Karl: “We will never forget your incredible talent and endless inspiration.” — Donatella Versace.

Can clothes change the world? Fashion lovers are mourning Karl Lagerfeld: a designer with a sharp wit and cutting-edge style. The world has lost “a giant among men,” says the editor of Vogue.

What’s happening

Chanel is planning a farewell ceremony after the death of one of its most famous designers, Karl Lagerfeld.

Clothes lovers will remember him for his up-to-date, futuristic style. “I hate the past,” he used to say.

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The world will also remember him for his sharp tongue. He would often insult people in interviews.

He would say things like: “What I hate is nasty, ugly people.” “Tattoos are horrible.” “Sweatpants are a sign of defeat.”

What did he like instead? Mostly his cat Choupette, “the most famous cat in the world.” Secondly, iPods: “I have 300.”

Finally fashion. “Fashion is an attitude more than a clothing detail.” How important is fashion?

Some say…

Not important at all. You do not need expensive clothes to be a good person. What matters is how you treat people.

Others think…

Fashion matters because it is fun. “People buy dresses to be happy,” Lagerfeld said. What is more important than that?

You Decide

  1. Do you care what clothes you put on in the morning?


  1. Have a go at designing your own outfit inspired by Karl Lagerfeld! Remember his attitude: new is always better than old.

Some People Say...

“What I enjoy most is doing something I’ve never done before.”

Karl Lagerfeld

What do you think?

Word Watch

A famous French fashion company.
People who decide how something will look.
Something which looks like it is from the future.
An American word for jogging bottoms.
French for “sweetie”.
Apple’s MP3 players.

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