Farewell to Britain’s greatest ever sportsman

End of an era: Murray has won three Grand Slam titles, two Olympic gold medals, and the Davis Cup.

Is never giving up the most important lesson we can learn? This week Andy Murray dropped out of the Australian Open after losing an epic match. It could be the last of his career.

What’s happening

Andy Murray may have played his last professional tennis match. On Monday he lost to Spain’s Roberto Bautista Agut in the Australian Open.

Murray’s hip injury means that even putting on his socks is painful. However, he was able to claw back from two lost sets, breaking even before losing the fifth.

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If this was his last match, it would be a fitting end for a player who is famous for his fighting spirit.

His career has had many ups and downs. He once broke down in tears after losing Wimbledon, only to win an Olympic gold medal a month later. The next year he became Wimbledon’s first British champion in 77 years.

Even now, he says he may still play again this summer.

Murray learnt the value of determination as a child. He says his elder brother Jamie “was always better” at tennis when they were growing up. “That is what it comes down to: you need to want to work hard for something.”

Is never giving up the most important lesson we can learn?

Some say…

Definitely. Murray has not won as many titles as someone like Roger Federer, but that only makes his victories sweeter. Every time he is knocked down, he gets back up. That is what makes him a true sporting hero — and an inspiration to all of us.

Others think…

Sometimes it is good to know when the time has come to bow out. “I didn’t care if I damaged my hip any more in the match,” Murray said on Monday. Playing more matches could hurt him even further. There would be no shame in saying goodbye.

You Decide

  1. Is Andy Murray Britain’s greatest sports star?


  1. As a class write a list of qualities that you think make someone a sporting hero. Is it all about winning? Or are some things more important?

Some People Say...

“You have to go into each match believing you can beat all of the players.”

Andy Murray

What do you think?

Word Watch

When something is a job, not a hobby.
Australian Open
One of the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments. Grand Slams are the most important tournaments in the sport.
A tennis match is broken down into points, games and sets. Men’s matches can last for up to five sets.
Another of the four Grand Slams, which takes place in London in July.
Not giving up.
Roger Federer
The Swiss player has won a record 20 major titles.


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