Fame can be a curse, says X Factor winner

Time to heal: Nelson says that she has been much happier since she deleted her Twitter account.

Is fame really a curse? Jesy Nelson: Odd One Out reveals how cyberbullying ruined the singer’s life after she won The X Factor in 2011. In fact, her mother wishes Jesy was still working as a barmaid.

What’s happening

Jesy Nelson, star of the girl group Little Mix, has made a documentary about her experiences of cyberbullying.

“I wasn’t known as one of the singers in Little Mix. I was known as the fat, ugly one,” Jesy Nelson says in her new documentary. “It literally consumed every part of me.”

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Jesy Nelson: Odd One Out was on BBC One on Thursday.

Nelson had just turned 20 when she won fame and fortune on The X Factor in 2011. As her dream of being a singer came true, so did a nightmare.

Every day, she received hundreds of cruel comments on the internet about her appearance. It made her feel very insecure.

“My brain started to believe everything I was reading,” Nelson admits.

Many people say Nelson is very brave for making the film and standing up to bullies.

While she was filming the documentary, the pop star visited a body image therapist. This therapy helped her to see that everyone is unique, and no one is perfect.

However, there are times when she still finds it hard to believe in herself. Her mother Jan wishes that her daughter had never become famous.

Is fame a curse?

Some say…

Yes. Fame is just a popularity contest. It is dangerous for anyone to base their self-esteem on what other people think of them. If you are famous, there will always be cruel people who do not like you, and want you to know about it. Fame is a losing game.

Others think…

No. It is not fame that is the problem, but bullies. Jesy Nelson is a very talented musician, and she has lots of fans who love her. It is good that we can all celebrate people who make music or art, or write books that we like. There is only a problem when people are cruel. We must be kind to one another and keep fighting against bullying.

You Decide

  1. Would you like to be famous?


  1. Not including physical features, write down five things you like about yourself.

Some People Say...

“There are only two tragedies in life: one is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it.”

Oscar Wilde (1854-1900), Irish poet and playwright

What do you think?

Word Watch

When a person is targeted with nasty comments on the internet.
Eaten up. Can also mean being preoccupied completely by something.
How someone looks.
Not confident; unhappy with herself.
A person who helps people to solve life problems that are making them unhappy.
One of a kind.
How confident you are about yourself.


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