Excitement as Mulan returns to screens

Memory lane: The original animated movie first came out in 1998. © Disney+

Is Mulan the greatest Disney princess? After over 20 years, the film has returned as a live-action remake. For many, Mulan’s bravery, independence and intelligence make her a key role model.

What’s happening

Last Friday, the 2020 remake of Mulan was released globally. As many cinemas remain closed, the film went straight to Disney’s online streaming service.

Mulan is the latest in a series of live-action versions of animated films. Fans are celebrating the modern-day return of a favourite heroine.

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When soldiers come to the village to recruit one man from each family, Mulan faces a decision: she can either let her elderly father go (and risk losing him forever) or take his place in the army. She makes her choice. She dresses in men’s clothes, ties back her long hair and prepares to fight.

Inspired by a sixth-century Chinese ballad, Mulan tells the story of a woman who pretends to be a man in the army. She is a successful warrior and brings honour to her family.

Unlike other Disney princesses, Mulan doesn’t wait to be rescued – she finds a solution to her problem and acts on it. She is wily, using her intelligence when she lacks physical strength. At the same time, she is kind and humble.

Is Mulan the greatest Disney princess?

Some say…

Yes! We can all learn from Mulan. She is brave and takes care of her family. She stands up for herself and does not let being a woman hold her back. What’s more, in all her success, she does not forget what’s important. She chooses her simple life over the imperial position offered to her – demonstrating that her actions were truly selfless.

Others think…

Mulan is not the only one we can look up to. Belle is intelligent, kind, and does not judge people by their appearances, while Tiana is ambitious. Jasmine refuses to marry when she doesn’t want to. Pocahontas is an eco-warrior who loves and respects nature. Anna and Elsa are supportive, loving sisters. We can learn something from all of them.

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Some People Say...

“Maybe what I really wanted was to prove I could do things right, so when I looked in the mirror, I’d see someone worthwhile.”

Mulan (1998 Disney animation)

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Word Watch

Films involving real people or animals, unlike animations. Other recent live-action remakes include The Lion King and Lady and the Tramp.
To look for new people to join a company, an organisation, the armed forces, etc. The word is often used to describe a new member of an army.
A poem or song that tells a story. Traditional ballads are passed between generations and have unknown authors.
Skilled and clever, good at gaining an advantage.
Showing you do not think that you are as important as other people.
Relating to an empire. Both words come from the Latin word for emperor, “Imperator”.
Skilled and clever, good at gaining an advantage.

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