Eight-year-old lands dream job as gamer

Multi-talented: Joseph is also a piano player and says his skills helped him improve at gaming. © Team 33

What can Fortnite teach us about life? An esports team has just signed its youngest-ever player. Aged eight, he is a gaming prodigy. But some say that gaming is a terrible waste of time.

What’s happening

Joseph was feeling good. He had just signed a piece of paper that would change his life. It was a job contract. With it, he got a brand new computer for work and £23,600 as a welcome gift.

Joseph had just become a professional gamer – and he was the youngest one ever to do it.

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An American esports team has just signed its youngest Fortnite player.

Joseph Deen is eight years old and lives in California. He has been gaming since he was four, playing Fortnite after school to relax.

He was spotted by a scout who works for Team 33, who said he was an “insanely good” player.

Team 33 invited Joseph to their headquarters and offered him a job. “I felt amazing when I got offered the contract”, Joseph said.

Joseph wants to follow in the footsteps of Kyle Giersdorf. Aged 16, he entered and won the Fortnite World Cup and left with over £2m in prize money.

The rules of Fortnite mean only 13-year-olds are allowed to enter competitions. But Joseph is going to train until he is old enough.

What can Fortnite teach us about life?

Some say…

Not very much. Fortnite is a fun game that we can play to relax. Even Joseph plays it after school when he is tired from being in class all day. It is a pastime like colouring in or playing with toy cars. There are no real lessons that Fortnite can teach us. It is just a game, after all.

Others think…

Loads! To succeed at Fortnite, you need all sorts of skills that are really useful in life. You have to be flexible and prepared for anything. You have to be calm when things get tough. Plus, losing at Fortnite is helpful too – it teaches us that nobody can succeed at everything in life, and that’s ok!

You Decide

  1. If you could make money doing one of your hobbies, what would it be?


  1. Lots of professional gamers live in a luxury house together where they work and relax. Draw a picture of your dream room in a gaming house.

Some People Say...

“The worst thing a kid can say about homework is that it is too hard. The worst thing a kid can say about a computer game is that it’s too easy.”

Professor Henry Jenkins (1958 – ), University of Southern California

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Word Watch

Job contract
A legal agreement. A job contract is usually a piece of paper that you sign with your new boss to agree on things like how much work you will do and how much you will be paid.
These are video games played by teams in competitions in front of an audience.
A state on the west coast of the US.
Somebody who works for a company or sports team to look out for talented people to hire or make part of the team.
Team 33
An esports team also based in California.
The main building where something is based – like a head office. It can also mean the place where a military operation is controlled.
The game has a PEGI rating – a number that suggests what age players should be – of 12. Anyone taking part in an official esports competition has to be above this.

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