Disney’s Soul nominated for three awards

Champion: The film won two prizes at the Golden Globes in February. © Disney+

Are small pleasures the best thing in life? Soul is up for three prizes at the famous Bafta film awards. The film teaches an important lesson about how to make the most of each day.

What’s happening

It’s awards season. Last month, the Golden Globes invited actors and filmmakers to tune in virtually to see who would win the precious prizes.

Now, the stars are looking forward to the next event. The Baftas are the biggest awards in Britain. And one animated film is in for a chance to win three.

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Soul has been nominated for the prize of best animated film, best actor and best soundtrack.

It follows the story of a teacher called Joe Gardner who dreams of being a jazz performer. But just before his chance of a lifetime, an accident causes his soul to be separated from his body.

In his quest to get his body back, he teams up with another soul, 22, to help her find the “spark” that means she is ready for life.

Joe shows 22 what life is like. She discovers the taste of pizza and talks to normal people. For Joe, it is boring and ordinary. For 22, everything is exciting and new.

In the end, they both realise that the “spark” of life can be found in small things – not just our greatest dreams.

Are small pleasures the best thing in life?

Some say…

Of course not. Small moments may be nice, but they are not the same as something really wonderful happening. Enjoying the taste of pizza is nothing like the feeling of winning a football match or getting a high mark in a test. Life is made truly wonderful by big, exciting events like a party or getting the job of your dreams.

Others think…

Yes! What Soul shows us is that aiming for big things is not everything. Your day can be made much better if you pause to notice how sunny it is or listen to a bird singing. In the same way, you can make somebody else’s day better by smiling at them, sharing a joke or saying thank you. These little things add up and make us much happier.

You Decide

  1. What is one thing that made you smile today?


  1. Write your own review of a film you think should be awarded a prize. Describe the storyline and say why you believe it deserves to be celebrated.

Some People Say...

“The most pleasurable things we do, Are not always priced so high, Like listening to a young child laugh, Or looking at the sky”

Margaret H Oliver, poet

What do you think?

Word Watch

Awards season
The unofficial time each year when most of the film awards ceremonies take place. The season ends this year with the Academy Awards, known as the Oscars, on 26 April.
Golden Globes
Awards that celebrate the best in American film and television. The ceremony was all online this year due to the coronavirus.
Something that does not physically exist but takes place using computers or the internet. The whole event was an online meeting between stars, who tuned in from their homes.
Short for the British Academy Film Awards. It is a celebration of British and international film and television.
The spiritual part of a person believed to give life to the body.


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