Critics divided over Sainsbury’s WW1 advert

Strange meeting: Two soldiers, one British, one German, meet on Christmas Day in 1914

Millions of people have watched Sainsbury’s Christmas advert about the 1914 Christmas truce during the First World War. But should a supermarket really be using a war to sell turkeys?

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  1. Should Sainsbury’s have used the First World War for its advert?


  1. Write a diary entry pretending you are a soldier in the 1914 truce.

Word Watch

First World War
A war which began in Europe and involved much of the world. It lasted for more than four years from 1914 to 1918 and millions of people were killed.
An agreement between enemies to stop fighting for a short period of time.
Western Front
A long line of trenches that stretched across Europe and marked the boundaries of the two opposing sides.
Remembrance Day
A day to remember the contribution of British servicemen and women in the World Wars and later conflicts.

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