Britons buy 80m chocolate eggs this Easter

Easter treats: All that glitters is golden, chocolate eggs.

Has the meaning of Easter been lost? Hot cross buns, the Easter bunny and all those chocolate eggs give us a lot to love about the festival. But have we forgotten the most important part?

What’s happening

Easter is here! Many of us will spend Easter eating with family, or going on an Easter egg hunt.

The shops are overflowing with eggs and sweet bunnies, but why is Easter important?

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For Christians, Easter is a time to celebrate new life and forgiveness.

In the Bible, Jesus dies on Good Friday and comes back to life on Sunday.

However, only 55% of people in the UK think Easter is about Jesus.

A huge 76% of us think it is mostly about chocolate eggs.

Has the meaning of Easter been lost?

Some say…

Yes! Easter is just about eating too much food. The world would be better if we spent time thinking about hope and loving others.

Others think…

No! At Easter we exchange eggs and cards with our friends and family to show our love. This is the real meaning of Easter.

You Decide

  1. What is your favourite thing about Easter?


  1. Make an Easter card to give to a family member or a friend.

Some People Say...

“The great gift of Easter is hope.”

Basil Hume

What do you think?

Word Watch

When something is so full that what its contents fall out.
When you stop feeling angry towards people who have done something wrong.
Good Friday
Some experts say it is called Good Friday because “good” can mean “holy”.


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