Britain plans bank holiday for Queen’s Jubilee

Gold: To celebrate 50 years of her reign, in 2002 the Queen rode through London in a golden carriage. © Getty

Should we have a three-day weekend? The UK has announced a special bank holiday to celebrate 70 years of the Queen’s reign. Some people think long weekends should be a regular event.

What’s happening

Queen Elizabeth II is a record-breaker. She is the oldest Queen in history. She has been photographed more than any other monarch. And she has visited the most countries – 116 in total.

On 6 February 2022, she will break yet another record. She will become the first to reign for seven decades.

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A Jubilee celebrates a major moment in the reign of a monarch.

The Queen has had many already. In 2002, she celebrated her Golden Jubilee to mark 50 years on the throne. Ten years later was her Diamond Jubilee.

Now, people are getting ready for her next big milestone. Officials have announced a special weekend to mark the Platinum Jubilee in June 2022.

According to the plans, the celebrations will include a “once-in-a-generation show”.

There will also be an extra bank holiday on a Thursday. For most people, this means the weekend will be four days long.

Bank holidays began in Victorian times to give workers a break. In the UK, there are already eight a year. But some people think every weekend should have an extra day.

Are they right?

Some say…

Yes! It would be brilliant. We could spend more time playing with our friends and relaxing with our family. It would give us a chance to go out more – we could visit museums and the cinema. Plus, everyone would have a proper rest. We would get more done at school and work when we went back on Tuesday.

Others think…

We need five days in a working week to get everything done. If we got rid of Mondays, other days would have to be longer to fit everything in. School would not finish until six. Everyone would get tired and grumpy. Besides, if you cannot go out or see your friends, weekends are really dull. It might sound fun, but it could make life worse.

You Decide

  1. Would you like to be a member of a royal family?


  1. Lots of people celebrate Jubilees by putting up bunting. Make your own bunting as a group. Each person can decorate a single flag. Afterwards, hang it up in your classroom.

Some People Say...

“Sunday evenings often feel like the weekend is over before it’s even begun.”

Catherine McCormack, English actress.

What do you think?

Word Watch

A ruler such as a king, queen or emperor.
A decade is a period of time equal to 10 years.
An important event in history. Originally, milestones were stones showing the distance in miles to a certain place – a bit like an early road sign.
Like silver and gold, platinum is a very valuable metal. It is heavy and silver-white in colour. It is often used for making expensive jewellery.
No details have been announced about what this show will be like. For the 2012 celebrations, organisers held a parade of hundreds of boats, called a flotilla, that sailed down the Thames.
This describes the time while Queen Victoria was on the throne, from 1837 to 1901. Victoria reigned for 63 years. She is the second-longest reigning monarch of all time after Elizabeth II.

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