Baby Yoda takes internet by storm

Behind the magic: The real Baby Yoda is a machine operated by a team of puppeteers. © Disney

What is it about this little alien that we love so much? Baby Yoda has gone viral after appearing on a new Star Wars spin-off. He has been specially designed to be as cute as possible.

What’s happening

A tiny alien, swaddled in a mini Jedi robe, has melted the hearts of millions. In the new TV show, he’s called “The Child”, but fans have given him another name.

It’s Baby Yoda, the cutest addition to the Star Wars galaxy!

Fans have made the adorable character into countless internet memes, and he’s appearing on new baby changing stations at Disneyland in the USA.

Next year, Baby Yoda dolls, action figures and plush toys will be released.

Why do we all love Baby Yoda so much?

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Scientific evidence shows there are features that humans are hard-wired to find cute. The main ones are large eyes, a big head, a small nose and a little mouth.

This appeals to adults, who feel parental care towards things that appear child-like.

With his exaggerated child-like characteristics, Baby Yoda has been specially designed to be as cute as possible.

Some say…

Baby Yoda’s cuteness is all down to his looks. He ticks all the boxes for infant characteristics, so people want to spend more time caring for him.

Others think…

Baby Yoda is appealing for more than just the scientific way he looks. He’s curious, innocent and tries to heal the Mandalorian when they are injured. You might have enormous, alluring eyes but, if you’re nasty or cruel, no one’s going to find you cute for too long!

You Decide

  1. What is the cutest thing about Baby Yoda?


  1. Draw your own cute character. How can you make it as adorable as possible?

Some People Say...

“Little girls are cute and small only to adults. To one another, they are not cute. They are life-sized.”

Margaret Atwood, Canadian author

What do you think?

Word Watch

Wrapped in cloth.
internet memes
Images, videos or phrases that are copied and shared by Internet users.
Something that is so set in our brains, so we were likely born with it.
Parental care
When adult animals look after their offspring.
Over the top.
Powerfully attractive.
Someone who studies the human mind.
Cartoon or digitally created.
Impossible to say no to.


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