Army experts: ‘UFOs really do exist’

Out of this world: The first sighting of a mysterious flying saucer was in 1440BC. © Alamy

Do aliens exist? A new report from the US military says that mysterious flying objects have been seen in our skies. But were they built by aliens – or is the truth closer to home?

What’s happening

It is the middle of the night in the Atlantic ocean. There is something strange in the sky. A tiny, bright, white object is soaring through the air. The pilots look up. One of them gets out a camera and films it.

This was one of many UFOs spotted over 20 years. Now, a report confirms they are real.

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For years, people who said they saw UFOs were mocked. Many thought they were being overly imaginative. Others said that they were deliberately tricking others.

But now, a new report from the Pentagon admits that the US military has seen many UFOs over the years.

Traditionally, UFOs are believed to be sent by aliens. But that might not be true. A UFO just means any unidentified flying object.

The new report shows that these objects may be built by humans from foreign countries to spy on the US.

But some people are not sure. The UFOs are unlike other drones made by humans. They do not seem to have wings or propellers. They can fly against the wind. And they are so quiet, soldiers find them frightening.

Do aliens exist?

Some say…

Yes! They must exist. Space is so big, it is almost impossible for us to imagine. We have been looking for aliens in nearby space for a long time. What if we had better technology and we could look further into space? What about different galaxies and solar systems? It is far more likely that there is something there. We just need to find it!

Others think…

Not really. There might be life in space but it will not be how we imagine. It will probably be a very small kind of bacteria or a plant. We should stop thinking we will find aliens who can talk and build spaceships. The UFOs are a clear example. It is much more likely that they were made by humans.

You Decide

  1. If you met an alien, what would be the first thing you say?


  1. British Prime Minister Winston Churchill believed in aliens. Imagine you are Churchill. Write a diary entry explaining why you are convinced that there is life in space.

Some People Say...

“The only thing that scares me more than space aliens is the idea that there aren't any space aliens.”

Ellen DeGeneres (1958 – ), American comedian and television host

What do you think?

Word Watch

Short for unidentified flying object. The military also calls them UAPs – unidentified aerial phenomena.
A pentagon-shaped building in America home to the US Department of Defense.
Something that cannot be recognised or understood.
Blades that turn quickly to power a ship, boat or aeroplane.
A huge collection of stars. Ours is the Milky Way. It contains 100 thousand million stars.
Solar systems
A collection of planets that orbit a star. In our solar system, the planets orbit the Sun.
A living being so small it is invisible to the naked eye.

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