Arctic blast sends Britain into deep freeze

Snow joke: The lowest temperature ever recorded in Britain is -27.2C.

Is winter weather fun or frightful? Snow, ice and whistling winds have swept much of Britain in a spate of freezing weather. Meanwhile, some areas of America are colder than the South Pole.

What’s happening

Airports have shut down. Schoolchildren have been sent home. Roads are clogged with thick blankets of snow. Winter is well and truly here.

Some areas of Britain have been covered in over four inches of snow, with temperatures predicted to sink as low as -10C.

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The reason it is so freezing is because cold winds have been pushed towards Britain from the North Pole. These winds are fast. They can travel at over 50 mph, and cause big blizzards.

Something similar is also happening in America, but there it is even colder. In Chicago, temperatures dropped to -30C. That is colder than some parts of Antarctica, where penguins live.

For some people, this weather means one thing: fun. Snowballs, snowmen, sledding — wintry weather lets you do it all.

But not everyone is happy. In Devon and Cornwall, there have been more than 20 car accidents caused by the icy conditions. In Wales, a climber was rescued by helicopter after being caught in an avalanche.

Overall, is winter weather fun or frightful?

Some say…

Bring on the snow! It is a magical feeling waking up to snow-covered fields and towns. Because it does not happen very often, we should enjoy it while we can. Icy conditions can be dangerous, but if people are careful there is nothing to stop them enjoying it. We should all get outside and have some fun!

Others think…

Winter is miserable. Not only is it freezing cold outside, but when it does snow, it takes no time at all for it to turn to horrible muddy slush. Furthermore, it makes everyone’s lives more difficult: from blocking roads to closing down train stations. Warm weather is much better for everyone.

You Decide

  1. Is winter the best season?


  1. Write a poem about winter. You could include descriptions of the weather and what your senses are experiencing. See if you can make some of the lines rhyme too.

Some People Say...

“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.”

Albert Camus

What do you think?

Word Watch

North Pole
The top of the Earth. It is permanently covered in ice.
Serious snow storms.
When snow, ice and rocks fall quickly down a slope.
Very unhappy.
Too strong to be defeated.


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