Animal rights victory as fur bans sweep USA

Fur is not fashion: The USA is leading the way on fur sales bans. © Alamy

Should fur products be banned? After California became the first US state to ban the sales of fur, US department store Macy’s has announced it will no longer sell fur clothing.

What’s happening

Bans on animal fur clothing are springing up across the USA.

Two weeks ago, the state of California announced that, from 2023, it will be illegal to make and sell clothes, shoes or handbags with fur.

Then, on Tuesday, a huge department store chain called Macy’s said that fur will disappear from its shops by the end of 2020.

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California is not banning all animal products. Leather and some other animal skin products will still be allowed.

Nevertheless, animal rights activists are very happy about the news.

“With so many designers, major cities and now a state taking a stand against the sale of fur, we’re that much closer to ending this unnecessary and inhumane practice,” said Kitty Block, head of the Humane Society of the US. Major US cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco have already banned fur.

Across the world, around 10 million animals, including rabbits, mink and chinchillas, are killed each year for their fur. Many of them spend their entire lives in fur factories.

In the UK, fur farming is banned but it is still legal to sell fur clothing.

Should fur products be banned?

Some say…

Why is fur any worse than eating animals, or wearing leather? They all involve killing animals. It is hypocritical for people to get really angry about fur, but not about other things.

Others think…

It must be banned. Fur is incredibly cruel. Many of the animals are killed in painful, inhumane ways. There would be no reason to harm these animals if it wasn’t for vanity and fashion. It must end now.

You Decide

  1. Is it wrong to wear clothing made from animals?


  1. Draw and colour in your own costume made from flowers, leaves, vegetables or anything else from the natural world — but no animal products!

Some People Say...

“Fur is only of use to the animal that wears it.”

Brigitte Bardot, French actress and animal rights activist

What do you think?

Word Watch

Springing up
Appear suddenly.
Banned by law.
Department store
A large shop with lots of different sections.
People who work to try and change something in the world.
Causing suffering; cruel.
When your behaviour does not live up to the beliefs you claim to have.
Too focused on how you look.


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