A £1.6 billion thank-you for Mother’s Day

This Sunday is Mother’s Day in the UK.

Are mums the most important people in the world? This Sunday is Mother’s Day in the UK. Millions of children will be buying flowers or making cards to say thank you to their mum.

What’s happening

What will you be doing for your mum on Sunday? Many kids will make a card. Some may help to cook her breakfast in bed.

This Sunday is Mother’s Day. Whatever you decide to do, remember to say thank you for all of her hard work!

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Mother’s Day is always three weeks before Easter in the UK. We have been celebrating it for around 500 years!

This year, people will spend £1.6 billion on Mother’s Day gifts.

Did you know that the word “mama” is the same in lots of different languages?

This is because “ma” is one of the first sounds a baby can make.

Are mums the most important people in the world?

Some say…

They are. Babies recognise their mum’s face, voice and smell before anyone else. That special bond never goes away.

Others think…

That is not very fair to dads — or to kids without a mum! Families come in all different shapes and none are better than others.

You Decide

  1. How will you celebrate Mother’s Day?


  1. If you haven’t already, make a card to give to a parent or grandparent this Sunday.

Some People Say...

“Motherhood: All love begins and ends there.”

Robert Browning

What do you think?

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Having fun on a special day.
£1.6 billion
A billion is one thousand million. It is written like 1,600,000,000.
Identify something or someone, based on past experience.
Connection or relationship.


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