The Weekly Quiz and Caption Competition

What is going on in this picture? Hold a caption competition in your class!

The questions for this week’s quiz are based on the five news articles published in this week’s edition.

  1. At what temperature does the Pfizer vaccine have to be stored?
    1. -70C
    2. -90C
    3. -100C
  2. In what city does Sarah Gilbert work?
    1. Oxford
    2. Cambridge
    3. Manchester
  3. How effective is the new vaccine produced by Professor Gilbert’s team?
    1. 50%
    2. 70%
    3. 90%
  4. In what year did Mount Vesuvius erupt, destroying Pompeii?
    1. AD 79
    2. AD 90
    3. AD 150
  5. What did archaeologists find in their most recent dig in Pompeii?
    1. An old school
    2. Two men
    3. A pet dog in a cage
  6. When did modern people start officially digging up Pompeii?
    1. 1748
    2. 1848
    3. 1948
  7. What happens to an atom to make nuclear power?
    1. It splits apart
    2. It doubles in size
    3. It forms a group with other atoms
  8. How much do blue whales weigh?
    1. 50kg
    2. 1,500kg
    3. 150,000kg
  9. What is the UK government planning to build in space?
    1. A theme park
    2. A new space station
    3. Solar power stations
  10. A team of animals spent 3,000 hours playing Pokemon and eventually completed the game. What were they?
    1. Cows
    2. Foxes
    3. Goldfish
  11. When was the first chocolate Advent calendar made?
    1. 1893
    2. 1937
    3. 1958
  12. A brand new Christmas single has been released specially for pets. What animal is it aimed at?
    1. Cats
    2. Dogs
    3. Hamsters
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