The Weekly Quiz and Caption Competition

What is going on in this picture? Hold a caption competition in your class!

The questions for this week’s quiz are based on the five news articles published in this week’s edition.

  1. What is a perspective?
    1. A type of planet
    2. A point of view
    3. Something you write with
  2. Who first discovered that the Earth is round?
    1. The Ancient Greeks
    2. The Ancient Egyptians
    3. The Romans
  3. Which of these words is linked with the Moon?
    1. Solar
    2. Lunar
    3. Polar
  4. What does “stubborn” mean?
    1. When you are shy
    2. When you refuse to change your mind
    3. When you are grumpy
  5. In roughly what year did the Anglo Saxons settle in Britain?
    1. 400AD
    2. 100BC
    3. 1100AD
  6. If you discover treasure in the UK, who must you give it to?
    1. The police
    2. Your local library
    3. The British Museum
  7. Which city did the Elgin Marbles originally come from?
    1. Athens
    2. New York
    3. Barcelona
  8. What are people who try to steal treasure called?
    1. Tunnel hoggers
    2. Nighthawkers
    3. Mud weasles
  9. In the USA, what is the day after Thanksgiving called?
    1. Boxing Day
    2. Blue Monday
    3. Black Friday
  10. What are the four weeks leading up to Christmas called?
    1. Advent
    2. Epiphany
    3. Noel
  11. Who said, “It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving”?
    1. Jesus Christ
    2. Mother Theresa
    3. Nelson Mandela
  12. Which country is Greta Thunberg currently sailing to?
    1. Canada
    2. Morocco
    3. Spain

Caption competition

Last week’s winner

“Oh my gosh! Did you eat raw fish right before our wedding?” British School of Brussels

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