Why do schools need The Day Explorer when there are so many other ways of keeping up with the news?

Everything on the website is designed to support teachers. We take planning out of the equation so they feel confident covering the latest news issues. Unlike other news providers, our stories are written specifically for schools and are always tied to the national curriculum. We have an editorial process that ensures all our stories and activities use well-researched facts and present well-balanced arguments. We are scrupulous in avoiding bias.

We know young people are increasingly concerned and exposed to challenging or fake news stories. That is why we provide quality resources which support teachers or parents wanting to discuss these issues with young people. The Day Explorer stories explain complex issues in a way that does not dumb down or patronise. We provide the background context any young person would need to gain a better understanding of a story. We then support teachers with activities, and discussion based questions to help students form their own opinions.

Who writes the articles?
A team of full-time staff journalists. We work in a newsroom in London and begin each day with a conference about the leading stories in the news. Each story is written and researched from scratch. We always have teachers and students in mind.
Who is The Day Explorer suitable for?
All content is designed with beginners in mind. An ‘Explorer’ is someone who is curious to know more about the world, but does not have prior knowledge. The resource works well with:
  • Key Stage 1 students aged 5-7 years-old
  • Key Stage 2 students aged 7-11 years-old
  • Key Stage 3 students who are reluctant readers, or have a lower predicted reading age
  • EAL or SEN students.
Some stories cover more complex or challenging issues than others, but we always provide activities that will work for a range of ages or abilities.
How can I use The Day Explorer in my school?

We have posters and resources to support you in bringing The Day Explorer into your school community and our education team are on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Book an online tutorial with The Day Explorer team, or request a visit by emailing enquiries@thedayexplorer.co.uk or calling +44 (0)203 981 8080.

How can I find past articles?
All our past articles can be found under their curriculum headings or in our growing archive.
What is This Week?
This Week is a programme of activities that can be used to help you to get more from the week’s news content. It includes a weekly theme, that can be used for assemblies and whole school experiences as well as in class. It also includes photo of the week, student vote, video of the week and a weekly quiz with a caption competition.
How can my school subscribe to The Day Explorer?
Go to our subscription page and complete a request or give the education team a call on +44 (0)203 981 8080.
Who draws ‘The News Adventures of Theo Day’?
Our brilliant Creative Director Tutu Tyutyunnik has created and designed all of the characters in ‘The News Adventures of Theo Day’ and draws all of our cartoons.
Can I print out the articles and cartoons?
Yes. All of our cartoons and articles are available in PDF to print as A4 sheets for sharing with your pupils.
What is the Weekly Newsletter?
Every Friday we will send you a short email running through that week’s cartoon, news headlines, activities and recent Explorer events. This is to support your planning for the following week. Sign up for our weekly newsletter.