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  1. Is boredom good for us? In today’s world, boredom is easy to avoid. But scientists say it could actually have benefits, making us more creative and imaginative.

  2. Should sport be more inclusive? A swimming cap designed for Afro hair has been banned at major competitions. Some say it means fewer Black people will get involved with the sport.

  3. Can science hack climate change? Scientists are using giant sheets to tuck in glaciers during the summer to keep them cool while others are using technology to affect the weather.

  4. Does space need cleaning up? After more than 50 years of space exploration, our skies are filled with old satellites and bits of rocket that do not work.

  5. Should we appreciate moths more? Moth sightings have gone up as people spend more time outdoors. These creatures may seem like pests, but they play a special role in the environment.

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