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  1. Could worms help us live in space? Hundreds of worms are being sent to the International Space Station on a rocket. They could help us learn more about how to stay healthy in space.

  2. Could airships replace planes? Planes are a great way to travel, but they release greenhouse gases. One company has come up with an eco-friendly way for people to get around.

  3. Should we be kinder to insects? Millions of cicadas have emerged after 17 years in hibernation. Some people think they are scary. Others say there is more to them than we think.

  4. Should we eat meat to save the planet? Farming cows for meat and milk has a big impact on the planet. But there could be a way to eat meat while helping the environment.

  5. Should we vote for our statues? A statue pulled down by protesters last year will go on display in a gallery. Some people say the public should choose who we remember with statues.

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