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  1. Would robots make good farmers? A new weed zapping robot is being tested to rid farms of aggressive weeds and slugs. Could machines replace all farming jobs?

  2. Should cities be easier to live in? In a 15-minute city, everything you need would be within a 15-minute walk or bike ride. Could these convenient cities help fight climate change?

  3. Is time real? A group of people in France spent 40 days in a cave with no natural daylight or contact with the outside world. What was it like for them?

  4. Are bridges our greatest invention? The longest pedestrian bridge has opened in Portugal. Bridges have reached remote places and carried food, water and people for thousands of years.

  5. Does technology make us lazy? A new design of headphones might allow you to choose a song with a facial gesture. But does technology do too much for us already?

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